The Why, Who & How of creating a Calling Card Book For Your Business

Have a look at this video for an introduction to creating your calling card book. It comes with supplementary info that you can request via email and is designed to get you started on your book writing journey.

Let's do this . .

Writing Skills for Coaches and Small Business Owners - The Program

Coming in July 2022 - A hybrid program of live one to one and group learning plus online self directed learning.

You will get all this for just £247.00

A one to one zoom call with me to assess your needs, wants and desires

Direct access to all of my writers and business skills online courses including:

All my Master Classes

How to Get the Writing Skills You Need to Grow Your Business

Creating a Workbook for your course

How to create a solid Business Foundation for Your Business

Creating an Online Course for Your Business

A weekly Q&A 'surgery' live with me and other program members

Plus tools, templates and free e-books to support you in your journey

Join the waiting list for the program via the form below or go directly to find out more, register and pay here: Writing Skills Program details will be sent out to you as soon as we launch.

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Who am I and How Do I Help YOU

I am a Business Writers Coach working specifically with coaches and small business owners in the service provision fields.

I replace your fear with skills, knowledge, tools and the motivation to get your content, course and calling card book conceived, developed and out there.

I believe that knowledge and skill sharing is important

So I help Coaches like you who want to have a book as a lead magnet for your business, that establishes you as an expert in your niche and enables your clients to get to know you quickly and easily

To go from concept to published

So you can feel accomplished, visible and significant

Through strategy development, blueprinting and confidence building

Because I know you want growth and recognition for your business

And this matters to me because it builds both our businesses in a way I love