Your Gateway to Your Best You

"I live in the space between your now and your wants for the future, ready to lift you up to all you can be"

I was a successful professional, working in a corporate environment in a job I was great at and I loved. But I was unfulfilled and my future was largely out of my control. Getting a coach was a complete game changer for me. I got my mojo back, I realised exactly what I needed and what to do to get the life I really wanted. 

I had been coaching and mentoring in one capacity or another, for over 23 years. First as a weight loss coach, then in a corporate setting in project management and mentoring. Now I know that being my own boss, spending my time and effort in coaching others is not only what I want to do but that I am really, really good at it, I'm making a difference to people every day and it's magical.

Now, I am an Association for Professional Coaching Certified Coach, BusinessWriters Coach, NLP Practitioner, Hypnosis Practitioner and Timeline Coach. I am also the author of The Coaches Resource Directory, Nailing your Niche and an upcoming book, Love Coaching, Hate Business (July 2021).

I work with groups of coaches and individuals to build their business and writing skills to help them transition from who they are now to who they want to be. I specialise in creating motivation and self-belief in my clients, creating a safe space for them to grow and realise their full personal and professional potential as well as developing the tools they need to succeed.

I have been a writer for many years now. My first novel was written in 1995 (working on a new draft of the manuscript now). In my corporate role I wrote content for multi-million-pound contract proposals but it wasn't enough.

I love to create, particularly business books for coaches. I combine that passion with my skills and expertise as a coach to provide an indepth service to aspiring writers (authors, bloggers, social media content posters etc.)

I now work with my clients to support them to get started, learn the skills they need and get the motivtion to get going. I help you to build your self belief and most importantly, to stop procrastinating and get on with it.

I share my lessons learned in self-publishing, getting your book out there and how a book can create multiple income streams for you as an author.

Details of my courses and services are on My Services page. See you there.