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Current Courses, Journeys and Games for groups and to download as modular courses.

Everything You Need To Know About Online Course Development:

How to Build a Resillient and Practical Foundation for your Business:

Writing Skills for Coaches and Small Business Owners:

Creating a Professional and Effective Workbook for your Course:

Map Out Your Emotions - A River Game:

Mood not Food - the fun way to change your habits and lifestyle to regain your health and wellbeing:

Re-Vamp Your Home - declutter, design, upcycle and make your space perfect:

A Metaphysical Journey to England - virtual travel for self-discovery, adventure and fun:


English for Italians - what you need to know


Services Summary

One to One Personal Coaching for individuals suffering with overwhelm and block, who need support and tools to build their self-belief, smash through barriers and limitations and gain awesome motivation, to achieve their full potential both personally and professionally.

Coaching for Writers and Authors seeking the support, skills and tools they need to finally get that book written and published, understand how to create social media content that makes people read it and develop strategies to overcome procrastination. 

Coaching for Coaches - providing support to new coaches searching for their niche and managing their time effectively, and for experienced coaches who need a coach who knows exactly what they are going through and how to help them realign to be the best they can be. And coaching for coaches who need support in the business side of their business.

My e-books, The Coaches Resource Directory and Nailing your Niche are available to buy at just £2.99. The directory is a really useful guide to techniques, models and patterns for new and developing coaches, to use in sessions and for practice. Nailing your Niche is a step by step process to understanding who your ideal client is, what they want and how you can let them know that you can help them get it.

Head over to the shop to buy now. And if you come to me for one on one coaching for coaches, it's included in your fee!

One to One Personal Coaching - What I do for you . . .

An insight from the authors

everything you need to know about my new book

One to One Coaching

Online / telephone / face to face sessions that are all about you, what you want, what you need and what you want to happen. As your coach I will provide you with a totally unique and individual experience designed to transform your life from now to where you want it to be.

Coaching for Writers and Authors

As a published author, professional content writer and children's story writer I bring my experience and lessons learned, combined with my coaching expertise, to giving you a bespoke, writers coaching service.

Together we will put a plan in place for you to achieve your ambitions. This will include

- developing a strategy for success,

- building a blueprint of your book or article/s,

- overcoming any internal obstacles that are holding you back and

- much much more. You can also add on a proof reading, editing or publishing package to your coaching.

In 2021 I will be running various workshops including:

- Everything You Need to Know About Online Course Development

- Business resilience and practical operational foundations

- Emotional Mapping for Peofessional Growth


Coaching for Coaches

Even coaches need coaches! We, more than anyone else, understand the true value that comes from having a coach in our lives.   I specialise in supporting new coaches who need help in developing their niche and managing their time.   And  I am there for the more experienced coach who sometimes just needs someone who knows what they are going through, to help them regain perspective, enthusiasm and confidence in their abilities.

What you really want to know Content and Investment

My personal coaching offer is personalised, unique coaching through either a soft approach ‘Mothers Love with Apple Pie’ package or an intense approach ‘Stop Clucking and Lay the Damn Egg’ package. For writers and authors these two approaches are tailored to your individual needs and goals in relation to your ambitions, and for business owners, there is the premium 'Kick Your Business Up Into the Next Level' package.

Mothers Love and Apple Pie is a warm, safe space, where we work together to overcome your fears and limitations to get you on track to achieving your dreams. An experience over 6 weeks and the investment you will make in yourself is 6 hours and £600.00.

Stop Clucking and Lay the Damn Egg is a more intense and assertive experience that begins with everything in the Mothers Love package for the first 2 x two hour sessions and goes on to developing solid strategies for putting your plans into action over the following 2 x two hour sessions. The investment in time is 8 hours plus 4 x thirty minute follow up calls as and when you need them and is £1000.00.

Kick Your Business Up Into the Next Level is a bespoke designed service where I work with you to determine the ideal client for your business, your niche offering and niche market, and develop work winning strategies to supercharge your business. This can be run as 6 individual 2 hr sessions over days or weeks, or over 2 days as intense 6 hour sessions. As my premium and a unique service tailored to your business, your investment is £2,500.00.