22. Apr, 2021

Does Multi-tasking Mean Multi-success?

Do you focus entirely on just one thing in your business or do you have a number of strings to your bow?
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4. Feb, 2021

EMME Events are available now

I am a Geographer of Emotions, what does that mean?
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11. Jan, 2021

Grab a Drink and Vent Event

Mental Health Issues are top of the agenda right now, here's a solution . . .
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17. Dec, 2020

Life on Zoom

You just don't realise how much you check yourself out when you can see yourself on screen.
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11. Nov, 2020

Procrastination, the enemy of progress (one of the reasons coaches need coaches)

I work hard and produce great stuff balancing several hats and yet now and again I find myself putting things off that I really need to do.
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2. Nov, 2020

Need Help Beating the Stuck at Home Blues?

Being at home is a source of joy for many of us, probably most of us. But is all that familiarity driving you nuts right now?
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