29. Mar, 2022


At the end of each day I like to know that I have learned something new . . . Collaboration makes this very easy to achieve
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17. Aug, 2021

Make Money Doing What You Love They Said . . .

‘They’ forgot to mention all the stuff I had to do to make that happen.
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16. Aug, 2021

So, You Love Coaching but the business stuff? Not so much, yes?

Why having a solid business foundation for your coaching practice is so important
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22. Apr, 2021

Does Multi-tasking Mean Multi-success?

Do you focus entirely on just one thing in your business or do you have a number of strings to your bow?
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4. Feb, 2021

EMME Events are available now

I am a Geographer of Emotions, what does that mean?
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11. Jan, 2021

Grab a Drink and Vent Event

Mental Health Issues are top of the agenda right now, here's a solution . . .
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